Allen Ginsberg and the other poets of the First International Poetry Incarnation on the steps of the Albert Memorial for the press conference opposite the Royal Albert Hall where the event took place on June 11th 1965            See photo on Nineteenth Page and the Guardian Big Picture 

Top left with camera: Barbara Rubin

back row: Adrian Mitchell, Anselm Hollo, Marcus Field, Michael Horovitz, Ernst Jandl

front row: Harry Fainlight, Alex Trocchi, Allen Ginsberg, John Esam, Dan Richter

c  Copyright John 'Hoppy' Hopkins




Allen Ginsberg sits underneath Shakespeare at the Albert Memorial Kensington London UK at the press conference for The International Poetry Incarnation June 1965                                                        c  Copyright  John 'Hoppy' Hopkins





Allen Ginsberg, Royal Albert Hall, London UK with his poetry, as above               c  Copyright  John 'Hoppy' Hopkins,339,0,0,1,0